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Audion Elektro GmbH

Audion Elektro GmbH

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Audion Elektro B.V. was established in 1947 in Amsterdam. In the fifties the company started to focus on manufacturing sealing machines. Over the past decades Audion has grown to become a leading name in the packaging industry, thanks to our customer-driven innovation of advanced validatable heat sealers and industrial baggers.

Audion packaging machines are characterised by outstanding quality. By keeping control over the development and production of the machines in our manufacturing plants in Germany and Holland, Audion has managed to stay flexible and customer-oriented, creating value to our customer’s packaging processes.

We act with absolute integrity. By sharing our expertise and insights with our customers we strive to move fast, committed, and to develop packaging solutions that have real impact on our customer’s growth.

Today, Audion is a global leader in the heat sealer market and an innovative player in developing state-of-the art packaging solutions. Our packaging solutions and services are distributed throughout the world, in more than 65 countries, represented by a dedicated and strong dealer network.

Our extensive machine range and expertise accumulated over the years is unique. It shows that there is a solution for every packaging challenge, from customized packaging solutions up to standard hand sealers. We are happy to provide you the best packaging solution.

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