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A smart industrial bagger that excels in flexibility and productivity!

This tabletop all-electric automatic poly bagger efficiently bags and seals your products at high speed from pre-opened bags on roll.

Just simply choose your ideal bag size, plug in the Speedpack Tabletop and start packing your products! No compressed air is needed!

Speedpack Tabletop 300 features an industrial quality and user-friendly touchscreen interface with the capacity to store up to 50 jobs. The integrated load shelf can be adjusted to various angles, ensuring optimal set-up for bulky products.

Flexible Poly Bagging

Flexibility is critical for packaging products in poly bags. Therefore this automatic bagger is engineered to process poly bags on a roll up to 300 mm wide and 500 mm long.

We offer Audion SpeedBags, a large selection of different bags-on-a-roll, check our SpeedBags StockBags

Using an advanced control system the 300 SPK TT is able to operate at a rate of 30 bags/minute, ensuring that machine speed is not the limiting factor in your packaging process. Speedpack Tabletop can be loaded semi-automatically by hand or by using infeed devices that can interface directly with the PLC. This automatic bagger can be cycled by pressing a foot switch, tapping the seal bar or just in automatic mode.

Wide varieties of products can quickly be packed. Film rolls can easily be exchanged from the front side, saving operating time.

This poly bagger generates a cost efficient step forward in warehouse packaging, creating labor savings by automating your packaging process.


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