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The Audion D 549 is an industrial continuous sealer specially designed for vertical sealing of larger packages and batches. Bags are sealed in an upright position, which is useful for products that would roll out of the bag lying down. D 549 can seal bags with a flap length of up to 135 mm, which makes this band sealer ideally suited for sealing bags with a carrying handle or bags fitted with a header card.

By integrating the optional cutting device, the residual film is removed above the seal. This minimizes the chance of dirt accumulating in the bag mouth and reduces the overall size (and weight) of the finished product, ultimately saving on transport and storage costs.

This machine uses protective PTFE tapes and therefore various materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, paper, aluminum and other laminated films can be sealed with a strong reliable 12mm or optional 20 mm seal for when sealing packaging with eurolog.


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