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Speedpack Dual Orderfulfillment Packaging Machine for Paper or/and PE

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Welcome to the revolution in packaging solutions: the Speedpack 400 SPKR OFFL Dual. This advanced machine elevates efficiency to unprecedented levels and offers unmatched versatility for modern warehouses and distribution centers.

What truly sets the SPKR OFFL Dual apart is its ability to work with both paper bags and PE film on the same machine. This makes the Speedpack 400 SPKR OFFL a true all-rounder, giving warehouses the freedom to choose the type of packaging that best suits their needs. Whether it’s fan folded paper bags or LDPE bags on roll or fan-folded bags, this machine is adaptable and ensures perfectly packaged products, including inline labelling, every day.

The Speedpack 400 SPKR OFFL Dual is designed to excel in both speed and versatility. With an impressive output of up to 10 bags per minute, this machine labels, opens and seals your paper or film bags and boosts productivity of warehouses to new heights.


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