15 – 16 May 2024 I Messe Dortmund

12 – 13 June 2024 I MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen

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Buhl-Paperform GmbH

Buhl-Paperform GmbH

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The family business buhl-paperform has been operating since 1996 as a leading manufacturer of 3D fiber cast parts, which are used as inner packaging for countless products – from electrical appliances to food. The environmentally friendly packaging material made from up to 100% waste paper is increasingly replacing Styrofoam or plastic packaging.

With currently around 130 employees, > 2.5 million packaging inserts and cushions are produced every month at two state-of-the-art production sites in Burbach.
buhl-paperform produces customer-specific items as well as a constantly growing standard range in 3 quality levels.




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