Visit Connect

The app for exhibitors

Make it easy to collect the data of your visitors with the Visit Connect Web App.

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It is the easiest way to collect all visitor data – without using questionnaires or business cards. Just scan the QR-Code displayed on the badge of the visitor by using your smartphone. In the end you can download a list with all visitors you have met at the show. This makes the follow up easier and you can ensure that you have the correct data and that you do not lose any valuable contacts.

    1. To activate your licence, simply scan the QR-Code displayed in the pdf document you can find in MyEasyfairs(an installation of an app from the app store isn’t necessary anymore)
    2. Your mobile device is now ready for scanning visitor badges.
    3. You will like to add additional information to each scanned contact? Simply create custom questions & answers in the Visit-Connect-Online-Portal.

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