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ENO®ergo – ergonomisches Handstretchen mit konstanter Sicherungswirkung

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ENO®ergo is a system consisting of an innovative manual dispenser and a specially developed high-performance stretch film. The system meets two challenges in hand stretching – the strain on the user and the user-dependent quality of pallet securing – with ergonomic handling and an integrated pre-stretching system.

ENO®ergo is very light: together, the dispenser and film often weigh no more than conventional hand stretch film.
Due to the pre-stretching system, users need significantly less effort when stretching than with unwinders without pre-stretching.
The lower pallet area can also be wrapped in an upright position.

The integrated pre-stretching system works independently of the operator and enables a consistently high securing effect on the pallet.
The foot wraps, which are important for connecting the packaged goods and the pallet, can be effectively produced with ENO®ergo.

Three film types for different applications

The foils developed for the ENO®ergo hand dispenser are available in different strengths and widths. All types are highly resilient and highly transparent.


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