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OKI Europe Ltd. Düsseldorf

OKI Europe Ltd. Düsseldorf

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OKI worldwide: Act globally, benefit locally
Innovative right from the start

Since its founding in 1881 as OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd. in Tokyo wears OKI – from Japan
starting around the world – for improvements
in the most diverse areas of people’s lives: with innovations in products and technologies as well as with the firm will to work on new business areas and address additional markets. The pioneering spirit of founder and namesake Kibataro Oki still shapes the corporate culture today.

OKI Electric Industry was Japan’s first telecommunications provider and a national leader.
The first export efforts began in the 1950s, initially within Asia and later worldwide. New, highly innovative products were constantly being added. Targeted diversification led to simultaneous market leadership
different areas, represented by different subsidiaries.
Among them is the OKI Data Corporation
international business-to-business provider of creative and professional printing solutions,
Applications and Services.

OKI Europe, as a division of OKI Data
Corporation, was founded in 1990 and today has around 1,100 employees in sales offices at over 20 locations in 23 European countries. In 1984 the German branch was incorporated
Company headquarters opened in Düsseldorf.

What distinguishes OKI to this day was set right from the start: entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and the
Willingness for permanent development, expansion and growth.




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