15 – 16 May 2024 I Messe Dortmund

12 – 13 June 2024 I MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen

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CCL Faubel GmbH

CCL Faubel GmbH

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Faubel creates dynamic labels featuring RFID and e-paper technology.
We see our Smart Labels as holistic systems that prove their worth wherever automatic marking, recognition, registration, storage, monitoring, and transport are required. We develop individual solutions suitable for the respective industry and area of application.

Faubel-Logistics Labels
Battery-free e-paper displays with RFID tag identify logistical processes.
As the name suggests, these smart labels are ideally suited to the needs of the logistics industry

It is tailored especially to mark reusable containers used in Kanban or closed-loop processes. Controlled by RFID tags, their e-paper displays show the variable data stored on the tags.

Faubel-Logistics Labels are batteryless and, therefore, durable and maintenance-free.




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